Written by Elle Defensor, Grant Writing & Development Intern

Most cookbooks offer page after page of delicious recipes that the reader can make at home with ingredients from the local grocery store. However, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by New York Times bestselling author Samin Nosrat offers his delicious recipes alongside the science breakdown of why our food tastes so good! Not to mention, the fun and colorful art by Wendy MacNaughton helps audiences without a scientific background to understand the intricacies to our favorite dishes. Their work together is what gives Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat its unique lovability from inexperienced and professional chefs alike.

For the inexperienced chef, one might appreciate the in-depth look at salting times for different types of food. For example, Nosrat emphasizes that meats should be salted up to two days in advance to break down the muscle present in the meat. Similarly, vegetables with a tough structure (i.e. bell peppers) should be salted immediately prior to cooking. Alternatively, for foods that lack any form of hardened structure like egg, Nosrat suggests to salt them right at the end to deliver the ideal salted egg taste. On the other hand, a professional chef may appreciate the foundational skill reminders that this Nosrat offers. 

Like any cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat also offers a range of recipes for its audience. From North African chermoula to spicy broccoli rabe with ricotta salata, many of the vegetables and fruits used in Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’s recipes are actually grown by and donated to Each Green Corner volunteers. For example, the Summer Tomato and Herb recipe spotlights the use of tomatoes, which is a vegetable Each Green Corner has donated upwards of 600 pounds! These recipes are incredibly important to Each Green Corner and the overall mission since Each Green Corner works to promote healthy, culturally-inclusive, vegetable-forward diets for those experiencing food insecurity. For more scientific information about our foods, carefully cultivated recipes, and wonderful artworks, look no further than your local bookstore or online for your copy of Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, today!


NOSRAT, S. (2019). Salt, fat, acid, heat. CROWN Books.


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