Feeding the community,
one garden at a time

Each Green Corner aims to create sustainable and culturally-diverse food gardens to combat food insecurity in our community.
EGC three main projects example, including school sites, residential garden, and seedling starter

Established in 2018, Each Green Corner scaled rapidly from a single pilot site to 13 food-producing gardens. We help schools, residentials, and communities to address food insecurity, climate change, and public health.

EGC Volunteers

Each Green Corner is 100% powered by our volunteers and interns.

EGC Educator Photo

Each Green Corner educates the community in growing sustainable, permaculture-inspired and culturally-diverse food gardens.

With volunteer and donor help, Each Green Corner is able to leverage underutilized land to achieve our mission.

2022 Sustainability Hero Award Logo

San Mateo County Sustainability Hero 2022

Each Green Corner is proud to be named one of Sustainable San Mateo County‘s Sustainability Heroes of 2022. This award is dedicated to organizations that make significant progress in protecting our people and planet.