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About 870,000 people in the Bay Area - mostly working families and seniors - are food-insecure, meaning a group of community members equal to the entire population of San Francisco does not always know the source of their next meal. Contrast that with a growing community of urban farming enthusiasts and interested homeowners with currently under-utilized yards. At Each Green Corner, we educate and assist the community in converting their yards into sustainable gardens and urban farms (think chicken coops!) as well as harvesting excess crops for donation to local food banks. Conversions range from entire yards to a single box, because when it comes to cultivating food security, Each Green Corner makes a difference.


Whether you have a green thumb, an empty garden, or professional landscape design or contracting services to donate, we have a need for your time.


Each Green Corner runs on each green gift! In-kind donations of materials and services are also welcome.

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Recent Happenings and Interesting Learning About Food Security, Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Public Health

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