Garden Stewards

Whether you already have a productive garden or fruit trees, or simply an empty corner you’re willing to share, EGC welcomes you to the Garden Steward family!

Garden Stewards with existing gardens and/or other urban farming installations (e.g. chickens, bee hives, etc) can immediately partner with EGC for harvesting, seasonal planting, trouble-shooting, and seasonal maintenance (e.g. pruning fruit trees). Garden Stewards with space to give receive installed gardens and/or other urban farming installations (e.g. chicken coops), and then partner with EGC for on-going harvest, planing, trouble-shooting and seasonal maintenance.

In exchange for EGC’s assistance, Garden Stewards pledge to donate to EGC all excess harvest beyond which the Garden Steward residents can consume themselves. EGC will coordinate harvesting the excess and transporting it to our local food distribution partners for distribution to community members in need.

Does it cost anything to become a Garden Steward?

For the general community, EGC strives to provide installation of gardens and/or other urban farming installations at cost. For our smaller projects, our volunteers will construct and install the planned features. For larger projects, we rely on local landscape designers and contractors to donate the labor involved in creating plans and installing the features. For the general community, the Garden Stewards are responsible for the cost of materials and supplies.

For low-income Garden Stewards and other non-profit organizations such as shelters and schools, EGC strives to provide installation at low- or no-cost, depending on our ability to source materials and supplies. EGC also strives to provide scheduled maintenance and trouble-shooting assistance to maximize the success of these gardens. These installations are especially critical for our community, as they provide healthy, sustainable food directly to our neighbors in need.

Great – sign me up!

If you are interested in becoming a Garden Steward, please fill out an interest form here. For questions about volunteering, please contact

Volunteer Teams

Our Volunteer Teams are the heart of our program, and core to the mission of Each Green Corner. Do you have just one afternoon to volunteer, or are you looking for a regular volunteer opportunity in your neighborhood? Are you a seasoned gardener with a stellar green thumb, someone handy with a circular saw and hardware cloth, or perhaps more interested in the metaphorical “digging in” than actually sticking your hands in a bag of dirt? No matter your prior experience, location or time availability, EGC has a Volunteer Team for you.

Examples of EGC Volunteer Teams include:

  • Installations
  • Site-specific on-going maintenance & harvesting
  • Gardening Trouble-shooters
  • Harvesting (for one-time sites and area-wide harvest days)
  • Chicken & waterfowl care & trouble-shooting
  • Education & Workshops
  • Administration, marketing, grant writing and more!

Though many of our Volunteer Teams are available for one-time or intermittent volunteering, we ask that our site-specific Volunteer Teams be committed to on-going, semi-regular volunteering. By providing Garden Stewards with a consistent Volunteer Team for maintenance and harvests, the Garden Stewards and Volunteers are better able to build trust and invest in the ongoing success of their site and EGC’s broader mission of building communities centered around sustainable urban agriculture.

Minors are also welcome to volunteer with proper adult supervision, and we strive to find volunteer opportunities for kids 5 and up. For information about volunteering with minors, please contact

Great – sign me up!

If you are interested in volunteering with EGC, please fill out an interest form here. For questions about volunteering or to arrange a volunteering opportunity for a group, please contact

Professional Services

Using your skills to promote public health, environmentally-friendly sustainable agriculture and improved food security for our communities – where do you sign up? Here, of course! EGC depends on the generosity of many professional service providers. From the landscape designers who make our urban farms both functional and beautiful, to the landscape and general contractors who make them a reality, to the marketers, grant writers, CPAs and attorneys who keep us humming, EGC is grateful for any donation of professional services and related materials.

EGC is a charity that is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3), and gift acknowledgments of your in-kind services donation will be provided.

Great – sign me up!

If you are interested in donating professional services and/or materials to EGC, or otherwise volunteering, please fill out an interest form here.

For questions about donating professional services and/or materials, please contact For questions about volunteering, please contact

Seedling Starter Program

Whether you’ve grown them for years or are totally new to gardening, starting seeds is a wonderful way to volunteer without having to leave your home. Learn all about Each Green Corner’s Seedling Starter Program here, including how to register to receive pre-planted seed flats, how to donate seedlings you have raised yourself, and a complete guide for raising seedlings.

Volunteer Writers

Are you an expert on composting? Or maybe you have a passion for gardening and want to share your tips and resources? We want to feature your work! Whether you have a background in writing or not, we want to feature your writing. We are looking for volunteer writers to submit articles to be featured on our blog. If you have a great idea for an article and are interested in submitting a proposal, please fill out this form! After filling out the form, don’t forget to send your resume to