We build bridges
between home gardeners
and food distribution non-profits

Using urban agriculture as a means to build community and promote awareness about food security, public health, and sustainable agriculture.

Because together,
Each Green Corner makes a difference.

By promoting sustainable, permaculture-based urban agriculture, we are equipping community members to make changes on a small scale for a cumulatively significant impact on environmental and public health as well as food security.

We were inspired by the growing community interest in urban agriculture and farming, and saw the potential for these community members to use their yards and bumper crops to benefit the broader community. Host community members, known as Garden Stewards, can be private residences, schools, public spaces (parks, government buildings, open spaces), and commercial properties – basically anywhere a garden can grow!

Powered by Volunteers


Food-Producing Gardens


Harvest and donate fresh locally-grown food

10,000+ pounds

Sandie Nierenberg

CEO/Founder & Board President

Our mission is to educate and assist community members in growing sustainable, permaculture-inspired and culturally-diverse food gardens, and then harvest excess produce for donation to our local non-profit food distribution partners.”

Our Story

Sandie envisioned a future where individuals share resources to build strong, healthy, sustainable communities. Where young and old are empowered to address food insecurity, climate change, and public health. Where a few spare dollars, spare minutes, spare hands, or a spare corner of your yard has the power – collectively – to fill a belly, heal our earth, and build our sense of community. Inspired to make this vision a reality, Sandie established Each Green Corner, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that tackles the design, installation, maintenance, and harvesting of sustainable gardens for the benefit of our hungry neighbors, our health, our climate, and our communities.

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2021 was an incredible year for Each Green Corner! We donated 5,022 lbs of produce (equal to 4,173 meals) to those in our community who are experiencing food insecurity. 

These successes could not have been possible without the contributions made by the members of our EGC community, including our generous donors, volunteers, and our team of interns. Thank you all!

Check out the full report for a deeper dive into EGC’s impact!

2022 Annual Report coming soon!