Written by Milena Castillo-Grynberg, Food Systems Educator

This fall has been a time of great change in the Arundel garden, as it transitions from summer to fall and winter crops. In the coming months, visitors will have the opportunity to see new green life sprouting, climbing, crawling, and blooming under the autumn sun. In October, we also had the honor of hosting a composting workshop in the garden, where we learned the best practices for processing browns, greens, and everything in between from local Master Gardeners.

Arundel Garden Composting Workshop with local Master Gardeners (October, 2023)

During school hours, student Food Explorers have been investigating important questions about the hows and whys of food processing – how a simple cucumber in the garden becomes a potential pickle or a strawberry, a potential jar of delicious jam. Arundel’s Green Team is also preparing to launch its waste sorting program, to educate younger students on how to properly dispose of their snack and lunch waste.

Last but not least, this month has yielded hundreds of pounds of food donations for Samaritan House, a local food bank. These donations consist of fresh produce harvested from the garden and leftovers from the launch of EGC’s lunch-gleaning program. It has certainly been a fruitful month! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

Variety of Fresh Produce Donations Harvested from the Garden and EGC’s Lunch-Gleaning Program


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