Written by Elle Defensor, Grant Writing & Development Intern

This Giving Tuesday, we are excited to share details of and updates on our main programs. This is the first in a series that will be shared with you over the next couple of weeks on our blog and social media channels! Check out our Giving Tuesday 2023 website to donate and learn about how we are planning on using donations this year at: https://eachgreencorner.app.neoncrm.com/campaign.jsp?campaign=5&

Each Green Corner is always busy with a wide range of programs that tackle various roots of food insecurity in the San Mateo community and beyond. So, today, we are highlighting the Backyard Harvest program. The Backyard Harvest program is a highly collaborative endeavor primarily between Each Green Corner, community members who have productive gardens, and local non-profit food distribution centers, with each group of people playing an equally important role in the potential benefit of this program. Throughout the year, community members maintain their gardens to produce fresh produce of their choice. Then, periodically, Each Green Corner would host a designated “Backyard Harvest Day” where Each Green Corner volunteers pick up and/or harvest produce directly from community members’ yards. Lastly, after receiving all the donations, Each Green Corner volunteers bring the excess harvest to local non-profit food distribution centers such as the Second Harvest of Silicon Valley or the Samaritan House in San Mateo County.

January 2023 Backyard Harvest Challenge Event

This program experienced great success in its first year of operation in 2022. Last year alone, the Backyard Harvest program donated nearly 470 pounds of fresh produce! The donated produce ranged from lemons, to oranges, to apples, to loquats. With the success of the program in 2022, Each Green Corner hopes to continue this momentum into the new year and beyond with even more produce variety. If the Backyard Harvest program sounds like an initiative you would like to support or partake in, please fill out the donation form here or contact volunteer@eachgreencorner.org!


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