Written by Zuriel Galeno, Data Evaluation Intern

Urban agriculture is a practice that has positive impacts on both the environment and the community. At Each Green Corner, we are measuring the impact of urban agriculture on the fight against climate change through carbon sequestration, involve the community through different programs and events, and promote food security. 

Addressing Climate Change

Urban agriculture provides communities with a way to help mitigate climate change and the effects that it has on the environment. Through the many trees that have been planted and are being maintained by Each Green Corner, the carbon that is being sequestered with these trees is a small but important step that helps to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere. 

Community Involvement

The programs that Each Green Corner is working on give many members of the community an opportunity to come together and work with each other while making a positive impact on their community. For example, through the Living Campus program, garden spaces are built in school campuses, where students can learn about sustainable agriculture among other important topics related to the benefits of urban agriculture. And volunteer teams in these sites are composed of students, their families, and the neighbors in the surrounding area, fostering a stronger sense of community.

Food Security

Urban agriculture is one method that is used to help communities that are suffering from food insecurity. By utilizing unused spaces to have small gardens and grow produce that can be distributed to those in the community that need it, it reduces the food insecurity that many suffer from. At Each Green Corner, not only is the produce being grown and distributed to food banks, but we are also making sure that the produce we grow is culturally diverse, and that way the community can enjoy access to a variety of diverse produce. 

There are many positives to urban agriculture, including mitigating the effects of climate change, bringing the community together, and combating food insecurity in the community. We at Each Green Corner encourage you to take part and join us in our mission to educate and promote sustainable urban agriculture.


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