Written by Nicole Shimizu, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Cindy started volunteering with Each Green Corner after hearing about the organization from the San Carlos volunteer email list. She’s an avid gardener that started volunteering ever since shelter in place orders allowed her to work from home and have time to help out in the community. When asked why she enjoys volunteering with EGC, Cindy responded that she “[loves] the concept of EGC and thinks it’s a wonderful thing for the community.” She’s involved with the Seedling Starter Program as the seedling grower lead, a core team member at the Arundel Living Campus site, and helped to prepare and plant the summer garden at the A.P. Senior Garden site.

With the Seedling Starter Program, she’s done a fantastic job nurturing flats of chard, lettuce, and blackberries. She has an extensive background in gardening and loves starting plants from seed because “each seedling is like a little miracle.” Due to her extensive gardening knowledge, she has also been able to share her wealth of gardening know-how via an online video session on seedling care for EGC. She is continuing that work with another digital media resource on seedling care, which should be ready soon! Each Green Corner would like to thank Cindy and recognize her for her wonderful work for EGC. Thank you Cindy!

Source: Each Green Corner

Have you seen Cindy’s Starting Vegetable Seeds article? If you’re looking for a thorough guide on how to start your vegetable garden from seed to seedling, check it out here! It’s a fantastic read! 


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