Written by Noah Evans, Food Systems Educator

The focus of this month’s volunteer work day at Arroyo and Central’s garden was maintenance and preparation. Volunteer students and parents worked together to prepare seedling starter trays for the upcoming growing season and Seedling Giveaway in April. They used a technique called soil blocking – a method using a tool to create blocks of soil for starting seedlings. Volunteers also prepared seed packets of mizuna, swiss chard, bunching onion, snap peas, and others for the Seedling Giveaway. 

Volunteers blocking soil for seedling starter trays. (February 10th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC Fellow Noah Evans)

Additionally, volunteers aided in a variety of garden maintenance tasks to refresh the garden space. They pulled weeds from throughout the garden walkways to clear the paths from any obstructions. They also fertilized the garden beds to replenish the nutrients within the soil. Most importantly, they pulled out all the items from both the garden shed and greenhouse and reorganized both spaces. In the process of spring cleaning, they uncovered some fun garden decorations and activities to display as well as important garden history. 

Volunteers pulling weeds from Arroyo/Central main garden walkways. (February 10th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC volunteer Noah Evans)


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