Written by Thia Dotson, Communications Intern

Every year Valentine’s Day rolls around on February 14th. This is a special day known for showing affection and love and is frequently celebrated with presents, cards, flowers, and other romantic gestures. However, let’s be honest…what everyone looks forward to the most are the Valentine’s Day desserts. There is truly nothing better than a yummy treat that will sweeten your day and fill your heart (and tummy). Here are just a few plant-based Valentine’s Day Treats that are healthy, delicious, easy, kid-friendly, and full of love.

V-Day Granola Bars: Click Here for the Recipe

Pear Cake: Click Here for the Recipe!

Hempies: Click Here for the Recipe!

Banana Bread: Click Here for the Recipe!

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies: Click Here for the Recipe!

Sweet Potato Brownies: Click Here for the Recipe!

Valentine’s Day Popcorn: Click Here for the Recipe!

Chocolate Flourless Cake: Click Here for the Recipe!

Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Peanut Butter: Click Here for the Recipe!

More fun ideas:




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