Written by Milena Castillo-Grynberg, Food Systems Educator

Arundel Food Explorers have been getting well-acquainted with the garden’s worm buckets and composting systems as they learn about the fifth and final step of our Food System: Disposal. Through class discussions and sorting activities, students are investigating concepts around food waste, and asking important questions about how the way we choose to deal with our waste can affect the world, for better or for worse. On a similar note, the Green Team has been steadily working to develop their original play, focused on proper waste management and Earth-friendly philosophies. Third grade Green Teamers are hoping to use this play as a tool to teach younger students about waste in an engaging and memorable way. 

Third grade Green Teamers with Food Systems Educator Milena. (February, 2024. Photo taken by EGC).

Speaking of Arundel’s younger students, PreK officially kicked off their garden activity time this month; After helping to solve some perplexing vegetable riddles, students courageously marched into the boggy garden beds and began tearing out the thriving and prolific network of weeds to make way for new seedlings this spring. It was all very exciting, and muddy! 

The garden also got some help from a large group of National Charity League volunteers, who joined Arundel’s monthly workday on Saturday, February 3rd, bringing with them smiling faces and many donuts! A lucky break in the rain allowed for a very productive morning of painting the garden shed, pulling weeds, soil blocking, pruning, and applying “sunscreen” to the trees.

Volunteers at our monthly workday. (February 3rd, 2024. Photo taken by Milena, EGC Food Systems Educator)

Thanks to their efforts, the garden looks refreshed and ready for spring planting! Arundel  workdays fall on the first Saturday of every month; If you are interested in joining, you can sign-up here!

Volunteers coming together despite the rain, at our Arundel workday. (February 3rd, 2024. Photo taken by Milena, EGC Food Systems Educator)


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