Written by Noah Evans, Food Systems Educator

The focus for this month at the Boys and Girls Club – Peninsula was new infrastructure and preparation for last spring growing. As students and Each Green Corner fellows have wrapped up the greenhouse project, volunteers shifted their attention to the raised beds. During this month’s volunteer work day, they installed new piping for irrigation. They also helped put together new vermicompost bins to put directly into the raised beds. Stay tuned to see new worms added to these stations!

Volunteers turning compost. (January 20th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC Fellow Noah Evans)

The volunteers also got their hands dirty with some routine garden maintenance. They started off by planting seeds for new late spring seedlings: leeks, cilantro, and sugar snap peas. They also turned the fresh compost and witnessed steam coming out of the freshest batch – a sign of lots of decomposing action! Lastly, they topped off more raised beds with fresh soil and rice straw in preparation for a new round of food crops.

Volunteers planting seeds to start new batch of spring seedlings. (January 20th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC volunteer Noah Evans)


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