Written by Noah Evans, Food Systems Educator

Each Green Corner hosted this month’s Volunteer Work Day on January 13th where the focus was on cleaning up the space in preparation for the upcoming growing season. Fellows and volunteers worked together to clear the walkways from overgrown weeds. Together they managed to clear the back path of grass and unwanted thistles. They also pruned back the grape vines to make way for another bountiful grape harvest this season. Stay tuned to see them regrow!

Volunteers pulling weeds in the Arroyo/Central garden walkways. (January 13th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC Fellow Noah Evans)

Volunteers and fellows also continued the compost station project from last month. They attached hardware cloth to the back and bottom of the system and installed front slats in each of the sections. You can look forward to seeing the nutrient-rich “black gold” this new compost station produces for the garden in future Each Green Corner posts.

Newly constructed compost station in Arroyo/Central garden. (January 13th, 2024. Photo taken by EGC volunteer Noah Evans)


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