Written by Milena Castillo-Grynberg, Food Systems Educator

The days are steadily getting shorter and the nights are getting colder – and what better way to beat the gloom than cozying up with a great book? For the past few months, we have been consulting local librarians, bookstores, and an abundance of online resources to compile a rich and varied selection of literature for you! Our investigation sought to identify titles that both align with core values at Each Green Corner, such as community and food security and also explore these themes in accessible and interesting ways. 

This booklist was created with the hope and intention to serve as a valuable resource for educators and parents alike, who are interested in finding engaging, age-appropriate literature for young readers about food systems and related topics. In these titles, important themes and concepts that may be intimidating to discuss with younger audiences are explored through creative, compelling stories. Now, even your preschooler can understand and connect with the practice of environmental stewardship! This booklist includes selections for grades TK-8, ranging from introductory to more detailed and complex material. Several of our titles are also available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Korean, and Cherokee. 

While the world outside may be hibernating for the winter, you and your little one can still find the warm glow of the sun, butterflies fluttering, and stunning flowers blooming on the pages! These books are sure to brighten your child’s shelf or school library and give their minds a lush, green space to wander. Most of these titles can be found and purchased through The Reading Bug, a wonderful community bookstore in San Carlos. We at Each Green Corner believe in the importance of supporting small, local businesses, and this is a great opportunity to do just that! We sincerely hope you enjoy perusing this booklist and flipping through the fresh pages of what may become you and your child’s new favorite book!

Check out our booklist here and find the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones!


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