Written by Taylor Mogavero, Program Coordinator

Want to give some love to our planet (and yourself) this April? Help are some ways you can!

1. Volunteer with Each Green Corner! See our upcoming events on our calendar.  

2. Start your own garden –  in your yard, on your balcony, or on your kitchen counter – using resources from Each Green Corner!

3. Switch from gas to electric! Look into getting an electric or induction stove and a heat pump (it’s better for the planet and your health!).

4. Eat plant-forward. Focus your meals around plant-based items like produce from your garden, beans, nuts/seeds, or grains instead of animal products. It’s easy to get started. Here is a great recipe for garden curry from our blog!

5. Shop at your local farmers’ market. Stop by our booth at the San Carlos Farmers’ Market on April 23rd to donate extra produce!

6. Compost! Find out what you can put in your commerical compostable bin or how to compost yourself

By doing these actions you decrease food insecurity, decrese greenhouse gas emissions, and increase your own health and happiness!


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