Written by Taylor Mogavero, Program Coordinator

The seedling starter program is so important for the gardens at Each Green Corner! We interviewed Cindy, the Seedling Starter Program Lead Volunteer, to tell you what it is and why it’s so important. 

Q: What is the seedling starter program?

A: The seedling starter program is when Each Green Corner gives seedlings to volunteers who will take care of them for 4-6 weeks. After this period, the volunteers bring them back and we plant them in our Living Campuses! 

Q: Why is it so important to Each Green Corner?

A: When you foster seedlings, it saves us a lot of money because seedlings are much more expensive than seeds. This allows us to grow more plants in our Living Campuses and help more people. When you foster seedlings, you help decrease food insecurity!

Q: How do I take care of the seedlings? 

A: The seedlings need 4-6 weeks of your care. Keep them outside. Seedlings need 8-12 hours of sunlight. They can’t get too much sun! If it get below 45°F at night, then bring them inside. If it’s cold, then it’s really important to water the plants. Watering helps prevent damage from the cold. No matter the temperature, seedlings should always be kept damp. If you do keep them inside, they need to be by a south facing window with lots of sun and a light reflector put behind the plants.

Q: How can people get involved? 

A: It’s easy to get involved! Just register for one of our seedling starter distribution events on our website and pick them up. Then just drop them off 4-6 weeks later at another event (or we can make other arrangements if those times don’t work).

Q: What’s the most important thing for people to know about taking care of seedlings?

A: It’s easy to do! There’s no harm in failing. If you’re interested but you think you have a black thumb, come out and try it! No pressure if they die!

Q: What are some tips for taking care of seedlings?

A: Seedlings can’t dry out. They need lots of water! Especially when very young. Keeping them alive is all a matter of the right amount of sun, soil, and water. They need lots of water, but don’t drown them.

To find out about our next Seedling Starter program, check our calendar or stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram!


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