Written by Miguel Valdovinos, Education & Curriculum

Looking for inspiration for vegetarian dishes and don’t know where to begin? In the cookbook, Vegetable Kingdom: the abundant world of vegan recipes by Bryant Terry, Terry offers a world of vegan recipes. Bryant Terry provides personable and unique vegan dishes by incorporating flavors from his African lineage to his wife’s Asian roots. However, this book takes a different approach to teach one how to cook the recipes. Terry provides a playlist of music to listen to while one is cooking his recipes. The tone and language used in this cookbook is very personable; giving a feeling of Terry’s presence while you explore his recipes. 

Terry’s Tempura Green Beans demonstrates the fusion of the two cultures with the airy, crisp, and tasty tempura green beans with African-inspired spices. The Tempura Green Bean recipe is the perfect vegan dish to start with! Though this recipe requires a bit of preparation, frying the green beans is quick and easy to follow. The slide show offers the ingredients, tips, and steps to ensure making a delicious snack! However, like any new recipe, one won’t perfect the dish on their first try. But with practice, persistence, and personal tailoring to the recipe; you can perfect this dish and share it with your loved ones! 


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