Written by Jessica Bell, Volunteer Contributor for Each Green Corner

The need for sustainability has been prominent over the past few decades. From Miriam Heath Katz’s article on waste in the food supply chain to how we travel as a society, everything has come under the microscope. As the world shifts to becoming more environmentally friendly, it is important for companies to do what they can to comply. A study done by the National Retail Federation found that 70% of consumers in North America consider a brand’s sustainability before supporting it. This shows just how necessary social consciousness is now in the commercial landscape.

If you want to take the necessary steps towards making your company more eco-friendly, here are just a few things you can do:

Use sustainable products

The journey towards eco-friendliness doesn’t have to start with grand actions. Making incremental changes like using sustainable products can make a difference in the long run. Sendle CEO James Chin Moony claims that some items and equipment that help a company function, such as paper and air conditioning equipment, can have adverse effects on the environment because of the manufacturing processes they go through.

There is a wide array of sustainable office products you can use. One example of this is paper pens. This reduces the use of single-use plastics and can limit the harmful toxins that are released into the atmosphere when normal pens are being made. Another thing you can do is make use of secondhand equipment like printers and copy machines. As long as they are still functioning properly, they will not get in the way of usual office operations. Similarly, you can choose longer-lasting and industrial equipment for everyday use instead of overworking ones and having to replace them every so often.

Offer remote work

The popularity of remote work has become more evident over the course of the pandemic as safety regulations prevented people from performing their tasks onsite. As things move back to normality, Moony also notes that you can consider continuing to offer employees the option to work from home rather than going into the office daily.

Allowing them to work remotely will lessen the need for physical resources in the workplace. This will also reduce the carbon emissions their transportation will produce during their commute. This will also benefit employees who require a more flexible schedule. Have proper regulations in place to ensure that tasks are completed and your company will have no problem implementing this change.

Make it part of your company culture

When making a business more environmentally friendly, it is important that all members of the organization are taking part in the practices for it to be effective. Making it company culture will ensure that employees are involved in the process and that they agree with the changes. Consult with your employee relations officers to come up with an effective strategy that will benefit all parties.

You can also consider having an internal task force committed to your green initiatives. This is actually a recent trend that is being noticed by universities across the country. Maryville University’s sustainability program describes how a lot of businesses are ready to pay top dollar for qualified experts in sustainability. This creates an incredible competitive advantage for companies that do secure them. Fortunately, there are many formidable individuals in the field who can offer useable and productive solutions. Fostering a culture geared towards eco-friendliness will ensure that your employees are also part of the answer.

Use renewable energy

One of the biggest changes that a business can make towards becoming more eco-friendly is using renewable sources of energy. A study conducted by Harvard University on climate change found that mass deployment of alternative electricity will have many positive effects on the environment. One business making the change may not make too much of a difference, but if more companies choose to change then it will alleviate the number of carbon emissions.

There are many sources of renewable energy available right now, like those generated by solar, turbine, and hydro systems. Though they are certainly an investment, those who convert to them will see payouts in the future as their cost-efficiency is greater than traditional electricity. It is a big change that will have bigger environmental bonuses, making it worth the effort.

Businesses should do their part to create a greener and more sustainable society for the future. The need for eco-friendliness is evident, and any action toward it is a big help for the environment. These are just some of the things your company can do to help support the movement.


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