Written by Sidratul Muntaha, Grant Writing and Development Intern

Sustainability, gardening, and food security are the forefront of EGC’s mission, and thanks to Lyngso’s recent in-kind donation, we can continue to cultivate such an environment. Lyngso promotes both sustainability and better gardening through community resources and products that allow non-profit organizations to build educational spaces. Community resources from Lyngso include in-depth and helpful recorded videos, classes, and articles on sustainable gardening and much more. In fact, there are several educational pieces about how to take care one’s soil for healthy growing vegetables and plants. Their generous donations of soil and mulch will be put to good use in EGC’s Living Campus project for Portola Elementary School where there will be educational gardens installed for students to learn about sustainability and gardening first hand. The soil and mulch will go towards making raised garden beds to grow plants and veggies for the community. We at EGC are able to support such projects because of thoughtful donors like Lyngso!


Featured Image: https://www.lyngsogarden.com/community-resources/the-pros-and-cons-of-various-types-of-compost-as-they-relate-to-your-plant-growing-goals/


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