Written by Nathalie Grogan, Grant Writing and Development

The work Each Green Corner conducts and achieves would not be possible without the community support of our individual donors whose generous contributions have allowed EGC to expand its sites and programs, impacting more students, residents and community members than ever before! Individual donations wholly support EGC’s Residential Garden Program and Seedling Starter Program, as well as providing additional support for portions of our Living Campus Program that aren’t covered by larger grants. 

This year individual donations have been used to purchase organic potting soil, seeds, and seed trays to expand EGC’s Seedling Starter Program capacity, allowing us to grow over 1,000 seedlings! Meanwhile, in support of the Neighborhood Garden Project, the Seedling and Soil Distribution Event (April 24, 2021) funded the purchase of organic soil and a rental truck to transport donated organic compost and EGC-grown seedlings to North Fair Oaks where more than 150 seedlings and 3 cubic yards of soil and compost were distributed for free to North Fair Oaks families! Furthermore, individual donations supported the costs of Site Volunteer Kits for EGC’s Senior Garden Steward program, equipping site teams with the basic tools necessary to care for our Senior Garden Steward gardens. 

EGC’s individual donors are essential to EGC’s program mission: to create sustainable, permaculture inspired by culturally diverse food gardens to combat food insecurity in our society. So much of EGC’s important work would not be possible without our individual donors— to all of those who have supported EGC, we say, thank you!


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