Written by: Kelly Chen, Education & Curriculum Development Intern

For gardening enthusiasts living in apartments or homes without a backyard, vertical hydroponic gardening may be the perfect solution for you! Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil so that the roots are always exposed to water and nutrients. Since these plants are grown with no soil, there is less of a chance of pests and diseases entering your homes. The hydroponic method also allows growers to control all the variables in the garden including pH, nutrients, temperature, and lighting. One type of hydroponic garden is a drip-system hydroponic garden. This system utilizes a vertical structure to recycle and save water, making it extremely efficient. Even though hydroponic gardens take up less space and water, they can have larger yields than traditional gardens if done correctly. That is why hydroponic gardening is an innovative and sustainable method of alternative growing that can help reduce the environmental impacts of normal agriculture.

Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponics reduces the amount of space needed because plants can be placed closer together due to the absence of soil. In hydroponics, plants can also be planted in layers vertically, saving space this way too. Plants can also be grown anywhere using hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. The variability and flexibility of hydroponics is unsurpassable. Because all the variables of hydroponic gardens can be controlled, the plants can yield crops all year round. The garden is no longer dependent on outdoor variables like sunlight, water, and seasons. A hydroponic garden can achieve maximum efficiency and give growers maximum amounts of yield. This gardening system helps increase the number of produce that can be harvested per unit of space and also allows for crops to be grown all year round. Hydroponic gardening is a more sustainable option compared to traditional farming because of the amount of space and resources needed to grow large acres of food.

If you have been wanting to grow your own plants and vegetables, but thought you were limited by your small space or lack of outdoor space, hydroponics is a great option! Have fun gardening everyone!


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