Written by Caroline Kushel, Communications and Outreach Intern

Each Green Corner is excited to shine a spotlight on Gachina landscaping this week! Gachina landscaping is a family owned business that focuses on sustainable environmental stewardship. Earlier this season, Gachina volunteered with Each Green Corner to install an irrigation system at Family Connections’ Redwood City campus! Now, thanks to Gachina’s help, Family Connections’ school garden has a state of the art drip irrigation system.

“Our favorite part is knowing we are accomplishing something that will help children learn and grow at school and in their communities,” said Sam Anderson, an associate branch manager at Gachina, “I love seeing children learn and take an active role in their own health, as well as becoming aware of their own responsibilities in treating our planet with love and respect.”

Gachina had previously volunteered at Family Connections’ Menlo Park campus, partnering with them to do a school ground cleanup, irrigation renovation, and mulch installation. Beyond just landscaping, Gachina is dedicated to uplifting the community by getting involved in annual volunteer and outreach programs.

Each Green Corner is grateful for all the work that Gachina Landscaping does to uplift our local community!


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