Written by Alexandra Grant-Hudd, Grant Writing and Development Intern

Becky was first introduced to Each Green Corner through the Arundel Elementary school newsletter. She was excited to find a volunteer opportunity that she and her children, who attended the school, could take part in together. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, where the typical elementary school day takes place entirely indoors, Becky also loved the idea of creating an outdoor classroom space for her children to utilize. “I love the idea that they (students) can be outside and learning. And now with the Coronavirus it’s even more impactful and important for them to have that fresh air and to be outside when they can.” Ready to get to work, Becky signed up for her first work day event at EGC’s Arundel Elementary lower playground garden site. Since then, Becky and her family have spent many hours volunteering at Arundel Elementary as well as the Alice P. Senior Garden Steward site. 

Caption: Becky (right) hard at work digging an irrigation trench at Arundel Elementary.

At recent Arundel Elementary workdays, Becky has taken on the laborious task of digging trenches for the installation of an irrigation system. Instead of shying away from tough work, Becky embraces it. “I love volunteering,” she says, “but I love volunteering when you’re actually doing the hard work as well. It just motivates me.” This past weekend, Becky and a few other volunteers finished all of the trenching at Arundel Elementary, bringing the site that much closer to completion! When the site is ready for student use, Becky knows that children attending Arundel, including her own, will benefit from an outdoor socially distant classroom as well as just a space to explore nature, play creatively, and grow fruits and veggies. “They’re not just watching a video online of how a plant grows,” she says, “they’re actually doing it.”

Caption: Becky smiling under her mask, and trench digging (again!) at Arundel Elementary.

When asked about the most rewarding part of volunteering with EGC, Becky had a lot to say. From talking about the mornings spent outside digging trenches at Arundel Elementary to the afternoons spent with her children at Ms. Alice’s house, it was clear that she had a great sense of pride in all the work she has done for Each Green Corner. Each Green Corner is so appreciative of the amazing work Becky and her family do for us! Thank you Becky! 


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