Written by Nicole Shimizu, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Ron heard about Each Green Corner through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors email list and has been volunteering since May. He is especially excited about volunteering with Each Green Corner for two reasons. He strongly aligns with EGC’s mission and “loves the concept of turning neighborhood properties into food sources for food banks.” Additionally, his gardening experience up until recently was very basic and he thought that volunteering with EGC would be a great opportunity to learn more. He finds it rewarding to volunteer, especially with his family. Ron values teaching his kids about the benefits of volunteering with the community and reconnecting them with food and food systems. 

Ron has been involved with a couple of EGC projects, working on the H.S. site and the Redwood City site as well. He was impressed by the H.S. site’s transformation from an overgrown site to one that’s a functional and beautiful growing space and said that to be “part of that transformation was really fulfilling!” On his birthday, he even took the day off and went to work on the site because it felt like a good way to spend his birthday. His fondest memories with EGC revolve around volunteering with his kids. Thank you for the work and support you and your family have done for EGC! We appreciate you Ron!

Pictures of Ron and his family volunteering with EGC!


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