One of our main goals for 2020 is to recruit more volunteer Garden Stewards, especially folks who already have existing fruit trees and garden boxes with produce they could donate. We are focusing for now in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties while we build up our volunteer force. If you live in one of these counties, would you mind helping spread the word about Each Green Corner on your various social media outlets? Below is a draft post for your convenience. If you have fruit trees or gardens yourself, please consider signing up to be a Garden Steward!

Suggested Post:

Hello Neighbors! I have noticed many of us have fruit trees, herbs and vegetable gardens that are overflowing with produce. If you are willing to donate some of your produce for a good cause, please consider volunteering as a Garden Steward with local non-profit Each Green Corner (

Each Green Corner partners with residents to harvest excess produce for donation to local non-profit food distribution partners (e.g. food banks, homeless and domestic violence shelters). You will receive a donation receipt, as well as seasonal assistance and trouble-shooting advice. Best of all, your excess produce ends up providing community members in need with healthy, fresh food!

If you enjoy gardening, building, administrative work – whatever! – you can also volunteer in other capacities. Learn more at

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