Written by Caroline Kushel, Communications and Outreach Intern

This week, Each Green Corner would like to highlight Webb Ranch! Webb Ranch, a California Certified Organic Farm, throughout this fall, has donated 21 yards of their organic compost to help fertilize soil at various Each Green Corner gardens. Compost is an inexpensive and sustainable way to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, allowing gardens to yield even more produce with less harmful inputs!

Webb Ranch is a family run farm that has been operating in Portola Valley since 1922, and has been pesticide free since the 1970s. “The family has always lived near farm fields so while early on we realized the benefit of eating organic food, we also realized the benefit of raising families next to pesticide-free fields” says Tracie Meskell, a member of the Webb Ranch team. Keeping with the fundamentals of sustainability, the farm is dedicated to growing nutritious food while ensuring that the land benefits too.

Webb Ranch grows many different types of crops, currently focusing on tomatoes, pumpkins, and blackberries. Tracie’s favorite part of this season was the U-Pick blackberries, a section of the farm where customers are able to go pick berries themselves. “With the pandemic,” said Tracie, “we were able to give families a safe place to go outside, and still enjoy a traditional summer outing while most everything else was still shut down.”

Compost donated by Webb Ranch will directly help combat food insecurity in the community. Each Green Corner is deeply appreciative of this generous gift!


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