Through work with our food distribution partners, EGC has identified lack of culturally-diverse produce as a significant problem for the food-insecure community.  We are a diverse community composed of immigrants and cultures from around the world, and yet the fresh produce most frequently donated to food banks is generally limited to and reflective of an American/European diet (e.g. potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions, apples, oranges).  To enable all families to benefit from the fresh produce available at food banks, as well as to make diverse produce available to the broader community, EGC will start and distribute to our garden hosts seedlings of staple crops and herbs from a variety of cultures.

Each Green Corner’s Seedling Starter Program relies on volunteers to foster planted flats of seeds until they are planting-ready seedlings. EGC uses seedlings grown in this program to fill our gardens – in schools, at homes of seniors and low-income residents, and at non-profits and other partner gardens.  

By raising seedlings ourselves, we are able to ensure access to the types of plants most needed in our community, diversify the types of plants we are able to grow, and greatly reduce the cost of our gardening program so that we can provide more services – and thus more fresh produce – all around!

For more information on out Seedling Starter program check out our Seedling Starter Program Guide! Interested volunteers should keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming Seedling Starter Program opportunities, or can email to join the email list.