Our mission is to educate and assist community members in growing sustainable, permaculture-inspired and culturally-diverse food gardens, and then harvest excess produce for donation to our local non-profit food distribution partners. 

We were inspired by the growing community interest in urban agriculture and farming (backyard chickens, anyone?), and saw the potential for these community members to use their yards and bumper crops to benefit the broader community. Host community members, known as Garden Stewards, can be private residences, schools, public spaces (parks, government buildings, open spaces), and commercial properties – basically anywhere a garden can grow! 

By promoting sustainable, permaculture-based urban agriculture, we are equipping community members to make changes on a small scale for a cumulatively significant impact on environmental and public health as well as food security. 

Because together, Each Green Corner makes a difference. 


Each Green Corner seeks to bridge the gap between home gardeners and food distribution non-profits to increase the pipeline of fresh, healthy, and culturally-diverse produce for our non-profit partners to distribute throughout our local communities. In the process, EGC promotes awareness about food insecurity in our communities, the deep connection between food security and public health, the importance of permaculture and sustainable agriculture to environmental health, and using urban agriculture as a means to build community. 

Incorporated in 2018, Each Green Corner is tax-exempt charity recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3).