Our Story

Sandie envisioned a future where individuals share resources to build strong, healthy, sustainable communities. Where young and old are empowered to address food insecurity, climate change, and public health. Where a few spare dollars, spare minutes, spare hands, or a spare corner of your yard has the power – collectively – to fill a belly, heal our earth, and build our sense of community. Inspired to make this vision a reality, Sandie established Each Green Corner, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that tackles the design, installation, maintenance, and harvesting of sustainable gardens for the benefit of our hungry neighbors, our health, our climate, and our communities.

Each Green Corner is not an organization apart from the community, but a community hub powered 100% by volunteers from all walks of life. In a year where the need for food banks doubled to address ballooning food insecurity, our community rallied to fill the need for diverse, fresh produce varieties that are typically unavailable at food banks. With dedicated volunteers, meaningful community partnerships, and generous funders, Each Green Corner scaled rapidly from a single pilot site to 13 food-producing gardens. We worked with schools, commercial offices, non-profit partners and individual community members to grow, harvest, and donate more than 1,200 pounds of fresh, sustainable, and diverse locally-grown food.

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