EGC’s Living Campus Program collaborates with schools to design garden-centered outdoor educational settings that fit within the school’s educational goals, and then assist with installation, maintenance, and harvesting of produce grown within the gardens for donation to EGC’s food distribution partners. School administrators adopt a garden-centered curriculum promoting physical activity, social justice, empathy-building, civic engagement, and STEM learning. As the students develop competence and interest in agriculture as a means of effecting positive social change, they become leaders in educating their own families and the broader community about food insecurity, sustainable agriculture, and the positive health benefits of gardening.

Raised Garden Beds at the Arundel School Site

The volunteer teams involved in the development and maintenance of each school setting are composed of families and employees from the school, as well as neighbors in the immediate area surrounding the school. By building the teams in this fashion, parents and students become more engaged in their school as it represents a mission beyond just their learning, resulting in increased family investment in their school site.  Furthermore, volunteering families are able to interact with school district employees outside of the educational setting, which created deeper bonds, support, and trust within the educational setting.

Central Middle School Before
Central Middle School After


Each of our school sites have monthly workdays for garden upkeep. Volunteers are welcome!

1st Saturday of each month: Arundel Elementary School

2nd Saturday of each month: Arroyo Upper Elementary School & Central Middle School

3rd Saturday of each month: Arroyo Upper Elementary School & Central Middle School

4th Saturday of each month: Family Connections

Click HERE to find exact dates and register for garden work days! If you have questions or would like more information, email

Central/Arroyo School Site