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Summer 2021


Support EGC’s harvest season this year by participating in the summer Grow-a-Thon! Make a pledge for each pound of produce EGC harvests between June 21st and September 20th. On the last day of summer, we’ll send out pledge forms reflecting your pledge-per-pound amount multiplied by our summer harvest total.

Follow the journey to our harvest goal of 800 pounds on social media!

EGC’s 2021 goals

We look forward to a fruitful summer harvest to reap the rewards of all the hard work all the volunteers have put in over the year so far. We have already exceeded 2021’s annual harvest goal of 1,500 pounds of produce, and we are excited to see how much more our gardens can sustain. We aim to harvest 800 pounds of fresh produce, which will all be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Our mission is to educate and assist community members in growing sustainable, permaculture-inspired and culturally-diverse food gardens, and then harvest excess produce for donation to our local non-profit food distribution partners. 

Looking ahead, we plan on fulfilling our mission through a culmination of different projects such as the Living Campus Program and the Neighborhood Gardens Program. We will be scaling operations for these programs in the latter half of 2021 with the help of a full time program coordinator. This would not be possible without the continued help and support we get from donors like you. 

Volunteer With EGC

DateVolunteering Opportunities
July 17thMariposa Upper Elementary & Tierra Linda Middle School Work Day (San Carlos) Register
July 24thFamily Connections Work Day (Redwood City) Register
Aug 7thArundel Elementary School Living Campus Work Register

If you are interested in volunteering with EGC as a large group or through an organization, email volunteer@eachgreencorner.org to find out more information.