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Each Green Corner is a non-profit organization, and we hope to bring sustainable urban farming and food security to the community together with you. Each Green Corner appreciates your support!

Ways to support

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Donation is easy and makes a great impact to us and the community! When you support us via direct donation, we could utilize the budget in different ways to complete our mission.


$5 = A seed

$10 = A pair of working gloves

$15 = A bag of soil

$5 = A seed

$10 = A pair of working gloves

$15 = A bag of soil

Upon clicking, you will be redirected to our secure donation page hosted by* We take Credit Card, Electronic Check, and Google pay.
Local store gave supplies to EGC

Shop to support

As we take many efforts to bridge the gap between gardeners and food distribution organizations to distribute produce throughout our communities, we need many gardening supplies and equipments. A quick way for us to receive continuous support is through Amazon Wishlist. Those items can be found on our Amazon wish list.
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Host a fundraiser

Interested in hosting a fundraising drive or drive for supplies? Contact donate for more information about current in-kind donation needs.
Donation receipts will be emailed shortly after donations are made. Each Green Corner is a non-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3).
2020 Annual Report Cover

2020 Annual Report

2020 was an incredible year of growth for Each Green Corner. We expanded from just one pilot site to fifteen, and were able to donate over 1,200 pounds of culturally diverse produce to those in need!

These successes could not have been possible without the contributions made by the members of our EGC community, including our generous donors, volunteers and our team of interns. Thank you all!

The annual report highlights not only how far we came in 2020, but the incredible opportunity and potential we have to make an impact in 2021 as well.

Check out the full report for a deeper dive into EGC’s impact!