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Garden Steward’s
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EGC works with residents to convert a portion of their yards into food gardens. We broadly provide services to community members regardless of background, age, and income.

The main goals of the residential gardens are:

Increasing the availability of fresh produce to the hosting residents and the community.

Reducing unproductive and high water-usage landscapes, and demand for store-bought produce.

Educating the community about variety food and sustainability topics.

Increasing engagement for residents and volunteers by encouraging outdoor gardening.

Building social bonds between hosting residents and their community.

Volunteers are maintaining the garden stewards

General Garden Stewards

EGC provides training, maintenance, volunteer labor, troubleshooting as needed. The hosting residents are responsible for all costs, but we may offset costs through donations of materials and professional services. In exchange, residents pledge to donate all excess harvest to EGC’s food distribution channels as needed.

Senior Stewards

Senior Garden Stewards

EGC’s works with the senior population and provides the services as described above, but with the regular provision of garden maintenance by dedicated staff or assigned volunteers. We enhance senior’s connection and sense of contribution to the community, while ensure having regular access to fresh produce.

Volunteers helping residential garden

Financial Aid Gardens Project

EGC serves residents in need of financial aid with design and installation of gardens on individual and neighborhood basis so that larger-scale growing and greater diversity of produce can be available to residents. All participants who qualify as low-income, using the guidelines set by court fee waivers and other local non-profit service providers, will receive services at no cost.

Yes, we hold Farmer’s Market Booth at [xxx] on [xxx]! Come and support us and we are looking forward to see you there.

Farmer's Market Booth

Farmer's Market

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